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Yoram Schweitzer

Yoram Schweitzer is the Director of the Terrorism and Low Intensity Warfare Project at Tel Aviv University's Institute for National Security Studies and a Senior Strategic Counterterrorism Consultant to NATO.
Mr. Schweitzer formerly served as Chief of the IDF's Military Intelligence Division's Foreign Terrorism Section and later served on the PM's MIA taskforce.

Since entering civilian life, Mr. Schweitzer has been retained as a private counter-terrorism consultant by government and private agencies around the world, most recently by the Chinese Olympic Committee under the auspices of the Intelligence and Security Division of the International Olympic Committee.

Mr. Schweitzer's research centers on suicide terrorism at large, and, more particularly, on al Qaeda and the Global Jihad movement as well as the Palestinian terrorist organizations. For his latest project, Mr. Schweitzer spent almost three years interviewing both male and female failed suicide bombers and dispatchers incarcerated in Israeli jails.

Schweitzer's writings  include An Expected Surprise: The September 11th Attack and its Ramifications; al Qaeda and the Internationalization of Suicide Terrorism; and editing and contributing to  Female Suicide Bombers: Dying for Equality.

Lecture Topics

 From "Carlos" to Bin Laden – The Development of International Terrorism.

 Current Trends in International Terrorism: Challenge and Response.

 The Global Jihad's Radicalization Doctrine: Concept and Execution.

 Conversing with the Enemy: Personal Encounters with Suicide Bombers.

 Israel's Hostage Negotiation Policy: Historical and Contemporary Perspectives.

 Israel's Counterterrorism Policy: Historical and Contemporary Perspectives.


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