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Yoram Ettinger

Ambassador Ettinger is an insider on US-Israel relations, mideast politics and overseas investments in Israel's high tech arena.  He is a member of the American-Israel Demographic Research Group (AIDRG), which has documented dramatic flaws behind demographic fatalism on one hand and a Jewish demographic momentum on the other hand.

He is a consultant to members of Israel’s Cabinet and Knesset, and regularly briefs US legislators and their staff on Israel’s contribution to vital US interests, on the root causes of international terrorism and on other issues of bilateral concern.

Ambassador Ettinger's Op-Ed pieces have been published in Israel and in the US, and he has been interviewed on Israeli and American TV and radio.  In addition, he was a speaker at the AIPAC Annual Conference.
Ambassador Ettinger – who did his graduate studies at UCLA and undergraduate at UTEP - served as Minister for Congressional Affairs at Israel's Embassy in Washington (with the rank of ambassador),  as Israel's Consul General in Houston and as Director of Israel's Government Press Office.  He is the editor of Straight From The Jerusalem Cloakroom and Boardroom, newsletters on issues of national security and overseas investments in Israel's high-tech.

Lecture Topics: 

 US-Israel Win-Win Relations: A Two Way Street (What’s in It for the US?). 

 US Pressure on Israel – Myth & Reality (Can Israel Afford to Defy the US?)

 Bursting the Demographic Bubble: From Baseless Fatalism to Documented Demographic Optimism.

 The Root Causes of Anti-US Islamic Terrorism - Is the US a Target Due to Its Ties with Israel?

 The Palestinian Refugees – Whose Responsibility? How Many? Where Did They Come From? The Global Context? Jewish Refugees! Why? 

 The Palestinian Issue – Is it the Core of the Arab-Israeli Conflict?  Is it the Root Cause of Middle East Turbulence? Is it the Crown Jewel of Arab Politics?

 Israel’s High Tech – Second Only to the US (Wall Street Supersedes Gaza Strip).

 The US-Israel Covenant – From the 17th Century Pilgrims through the Founding Fathers to 2007.

 The Impact of the Proposed Palestinian State on Vital American Values and Interests.

 The Middle East Inter-Arab Arena and Its Impact on the Peace Process and Security Requirements.

 The Impact of the Proposed Golan Heights Withdrawal on Vital American National Security Interests.

 The Mountain Ridges of Judea & Samaria – Are They Indispensable to the Survival of the Jewish State?

 Land-For-Peace: Water or Fuel to the Arab-Israeli conflict?

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