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Yaniv Ofek

Yaniv Ofek is currently a research fellow at the Institute for Counter Terrorism Policy at the Lauder School of Government, Diplomacy and Strategy, The Interdisciplinary Center, Herzliya.
His fields of expertise include Middle Eastern, Arab and Muslim affairs, with a focus on civil society and its complex relationship with terrorist organizations acting in its name. His other fields of research are radical Islam and Muslim perceptions regarding Jihad, and Lebanese society, and its confused relationship with Hizbullah.

Yaniv is a graduate of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem Law School as well as the School of Middle Eastern History and Islam. He holds an M.A. degree in Security and Diplomacy Studies from Tel Aviv University.

Yaniv served on the Israeli National Security Council from 2004-2005.

Lecture Topics

 Jihad: The war of sanctity - Jihad's evolution both past and present, fundamentalist Islam in the present and the suicide attacks in Israel; Hamas's  ideological world; The Islamic Jihad and Al-Qa'ida; "Hudna" and "Thehadia".  Social processes in Palestinian society, including updated analysis of Hamas' regime in Gaza. 

 The World of Suicide Bombers - What brings a person to fully commit oneself to death? 
A  perspective on the persuasion, drafting and recruitment systems of terror organizations, from the high echelons to field activists.  How can a society support these acts? What is terror's weak point?

 Hezbollah – The organization's portrait . The "shia" sect in Islam and the radical Shi'ite organization, its goals, theme, and modus operandi.What is Hezbollah's religious doctrine? What is its place in the fragile relationship between Israel, Syria and Lebanon?

 The Palestinians and the peace process - Where are we today? Is this process feasable today? What are the obstacles and challenges facing both nations today?

 Lebanon - Secrets from the Land of the Cedars.  What keeps Lebanon bleeding, but united? Who really controls Lebanon? Is there a tomorrow for Land of the Cedars?
 Israeli society: The Security Fence - Where is it? Why there? Concrete, cement or a fence? How does it operate? A border, or a temporary anti-terror obstacle?  Does it work?

 Israeli Arabs ("Palestinian Israelis") - an integrated or separated national minority? The events of October 2000, and today's co-existance; The "Orr" committee;  where are we heading?

 Demography versus human rights in Israel - "Jewish and Democratic" forever?  
 The freedom of expression versus incitement to violence.

 Jerusalem - Jews, Arabs and the security fence.  Are there any solutions? 

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