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Yael Dayan

Born in 1939 in Nahalal, a co-operative village, in Israel, to Ruth and the late General Moshe Dayan. Educated in Israel. Dayan studied Political Science at the Hebrew University in Jerusalem and Biology at the Open University in Tel Aviv.

Beginning in the 1992 elections Ms. Dayan served three terms as a Labor Party Member of Knesset. She has chaired of the Committee for the Advancement of the Status of Women, which was founded by her during her first term, as well as the Sub-Committee for Gay and Lesbian Rights. Dayan was also a member of the Defense and Foreign Affairs and the Constitution, Law and Justice Committees.

Ms. Dayan has promoted equality and women’s rights, equal pay and abortions by choice. Yael Dayan has initiated and completed revolutionary legislation protecting women’s rights, gay rights and minority civil rights, Prevention of Sexual Harassment, Obligatory Minimum Punishment in Sexual and Domestic Violence Offenses, Victims' Rights, Anti Stalking Bill and Equal Rights for Women, 2000.  Her main extra-parliamentary political activity is active leadership of  grassroots organizations such as Peace Now representing a call for end of occupation, evacuation of settlements and a call for active dialogue with the Palestinians toward a Two-State Solution. For these, Ms. Dayan was awarded the Bruno Kreisky Human Rights Award (1991), and the Olof Palme Award for Peace (1998). She was chosen for the French Weekly, L’Express’ 100 Women Who Make the World Move (1995)  and was honored by the State of the World Forum as one of the Women Redefining Leadership (1997).
Ms. Dayan is the author of eight books (six novels) including New Face in the Mirror, Death Has Two Sons, Sinai Diary - 67 and My Father - His Daughter . She has been a journalist for forty years, writing political commentary in both Israeli and foreign press.

Former member of Knesset Dayan is a leading  member of the Meretz party and a signatory to the Geneva Accords. In the 2003 municipal elections Yael Dayan won a major victory and served as deputy mayor of Tel Aviv-Yafo in charge of welfare services.

Reelected in the municipal elections,Yael Dayan currently serves as Chairman of the  City Council in charge of Human Rights.


Lecture Topics:

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 The Status of Women in Israel.

 A Jewish Democracy - can feminism prevail?

 A Jewish Democracy - who is hurt by lack of separation of State and Religion?

 Gay rights in Israel-Tel-Aviv faster than legislation! 

 How does the political and military conflict effect Human Rights in Israel.

 Minorities, Migrant Workers and Refugees - can Israel face the humanitarian challenge?

 Tel Aviv's Centennial celebrations - the normalization of Israel!

 Israel in the centrality of the Jewish World.

 The planet is warming - does Israel contribute to cooling it?

 Care of environment in times of war - is it possible?

 Treating disease and pests, in areas of conflict.

 Are the Muses silent when the cannons sound?

 Is Israeli protest poetry an unread writing on the wall?

 Can poetry and literature be separated from Israeli traumas of war and conflict?

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Images by: Fritz Cohen, Moshe Milner, Nati Harnik, Chanania Herman