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Ya'akov Amidror

General Amidror served in the IDF for 36 years.  Throughout his prestigious military career, General Amidror has attained internationally recognized expertise in strategic planning, intelligence gathering and international policy.  General Amidror has held numerous positions in the IDF including: Commander of the National Defense College, Military Secretary to the Minister of Defense, Head of the Research and Assessment Unit of the Military Intelligence Corps and Intelligence Officer of the Northern Command. 

Following his retirement from the IDF he was a Senior Research Fellow at the Washington Institute for Middle East Research in Washington, D.C. General Amidror is the Vice President of Jerusalem’s Lander Institute.

He is on the Board of Directors of several large Israeli companies and continues to serve as an advisor for various Israeli technology companies and on governmental committees. 

Lecture Topics:

Israeli Geostrategic Position: the Strong and Weak Points and Ways to Overcome the Weak.

 The New International Reality and Its Application to the Muslim World and to Israel.

 The Middle East and Its Relation to  the Rest of the World.

 What Underlines the Israeli Way of Thinking on Strategic Challenges?

 Military and Intelligence - the Israeli  Experience.

 The War Against Insurgency:  the Israeli Lessons.

 Technology and Intelligence.

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