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Tsvi Bisk

Tsvi Bisk is an American-Israeli futurist, social researcher and strategy planning consultant. He is Director of the Center for Strategic Futurist Thinking.

His most recent book is The Optimistic Jew: a Positive Vision for the Jewish People in the 21st Century (Maxanna Press, 2007). His previous book was Futurizing the Jews: Alternative Futures for Meaningful Jewish Existence in the 21st Century (Praeger Press, 2003).  He has also published over 100 articles and essays and is a popular lecturer in both Hebrew and English.

Lecture Topics

 The Jewish Century - This lecture posits that the 21st century can be the Jewish century.  The century in which Jewish individuals can realize their human potential without sacrificing Jewish ambitions and realize their Jewish potential without sacrificing human ambitions.

 Zionism In the 21st Century - A Zionism that presumes to continue to be the survival ideology of the Jewish People must reinvent itself to reflect the real needs of the Jewish People in the 21st century.  This lecture presents some ways and means by which this might be done.

 The Special Case of American Jewry - American Jewry is different. There is little if anything in the classical Zionist analysis that is relevant for the American Jewish experience. This lecture critically examines the special historical and social circumstances of American Jewry.

 Reinventing Israel-Diaspora Relations - This lecture will suggest a new paradigm, one that will include the growing Israeli Diaspora as well as large numbers of talented Jews who have not been actively involved in Diaspora community life.

 The Future of Arab-Jewish Relations - This lecture is a rejection of the Post-Zionist and Arab call to de-Zionize Israel as the prerequisite for peace.  This lecture will examine these issues as well as Israel’s record on the issue of equality before the law, also vis-a-vis its Arab minority.

 Israel’s PR – What is Wrong?  What is the nature of a successful information campaign? This lecture outlines the problem and makes concrete suggestions for a coherent information strategy that includes the full resources of World Jewry. 

 The Jewish Energy Project  - Energy is a Jewish issue. The greatest threats to the Jewish People are the development of non-conventional weapons by Iran and Iraq and the growing hostile Moslem populations in Europe and North America financed to a great extent by Saudi Arabia. This lecture outlines ways and means by which this might be done.

 Reconceiving Jewish Identity - Why Be Jewish? This is the question that every non-orthodox young Jew will ask him or herself at one time or another. The modern dilemma of identity is not unique to the Jews. The challenge facing all cultures is how to assimilate into the modern world without being assimilated into it. Identity is matter of individual choice not historical inheritance.  This lecture addresses the issue of Jewish identity in the 21st century.

 Futurizing Jewish Thinking - Jewish unity used to be characterized by a certain loyalty to a more or less common past.  The thesis of this lecture is that the past has become divisive and that we can only sustain Jewish unity – if not Jewish survival – with a more or less common future vision. This lecture describes how this might be done on the background of general world trends.

 Israel 2020: a “More Perfect” Future - This lecture will help to understand the world-shattering changes taking place across the globe and how these changes effect the economy, work, education, society and culture – particularly their impact on Israel and the Jewish people. The lecture is unabashedly optimistic in its prognosis for the globalized world and Israel and will serve as an antidote to fashionable pessimism and politically correct anti-globalization and post-Zionism.


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Images by: Fritz Cohen, Moshe Milner, Nati Harnik, Chanania Herman