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Shimon Karmi

Shimon Karmi is an expert in the field of behavior and decision-making among terrorist organizations. He examines the battle strategies of these organizations and how they might be exploited as part of the global struggle against terrorism. Over the years Karmi has gathered counter-terrorism intelligence within the framework of the Israeli Security Service.  Since his retirement he has engaged in academic research at the University of Haifa. He combines his personal experience in relation to the activities of terrorists with a new academic knowledge. The result is a unique synthesizing and fascinating presentation.

As a student of Political Concept and Government specializing in the field of Terrorism and Political Violence, Karmi's doctoral project is titled: “The Political Motives of Terrorist Organizations Engaging with the Peace Process: the Case of the PLO and the Oslo Process.” The project concentrates on the behavior of armed organizations and strategic decision-making as they move from armed struggle towards activity within the political arena.

Mr. Karmi teaches the subject of terrorism within the defense system  and for the academic colleges in Israel.. Out of a feeling of mission he is dedicated to the distribution of knowledge regarding terrorism within the civil sector as well as among youth groups, within major business organization, public entities, and the Jewish Agency.


Lecture Topics

 Theoretical Components: Definitions of Terrorism, the Motivations of the Group and so on.

 Shiite Terrorism: Iran and Hezbollah in Lebanon and Internationally, before and after the Second Lebanon War.

 Palestinian Organizations: Hamas, Islamic Jihad and Fattah Movement.

 Muslim Brothers in Egypt as Origin to Fundamental Islamic Movements.

 Al Qaeda: The ideological origins to the global jihad.

 Intelligence fighting terrorism: The Israeli experience.

 Fighting global terrorism: some new approaches and ideas.

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