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Savyon Liebrecht

Savyon Liebrecht was born in 1948 in Munich to Holocaust survivors who left Germany for Israel when she was a child.
She studied literature and philosophy at Tel-Aviv University

Her stories depict the Israeli reality: The conflict between Israelis and Palestinians, between religious and non-religious Jews, and the effect of the Holocaust on the children and grandchildren of survivors.

Her books have been  translated into German, Italian, English, French, Chinese, Estonian and many stories were published in anthologies in additional languages.

The Alterman Literary Prize for Apples from the Desert (1987).
The Second Television Prize for Spears and Orchards.
Acum Prize for the script of A Touch of Magic.
The Prime Minister's Prize for Literature in 1992 and in 1999.
Three Italian Awards.
The Playwright of the Year Award 2004.
The Playwright of the Year Award 2006.

Lecture Topics:

 The creative process:  How stories come into being; How they develop; How they reach the last line. The differences between writing a novel and a short story, the borderline between an imaginary story and the writer's biography.

 The difference between writing prose and drama.

 Writing about the Holocaust through the perspective of the second generation. 

 Women in Israel - An account of the history of women's writing since the beginning of the 20th century.

 There is a possibility of screening a 50 minute film "Dead Line" which was written together with Aliza Olmert.


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