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Rina Bar-Tal

Rina Bar-Tal has served as the Chairwoman of The Israel Women's Network since April 2000. She was raised in the U.S and graduated from California State University with a BA in English Literature and Psychology.

Bar-Tal served as deputy mayor of the town of Ra’anana from 1989 to 1998 and was previously Secretary General of the Ra’anana branch of Na’amat, a women’s organization affiliated with the Histadrut, Israel’s labor organization. She is also chairperson of the executive committee of the Israeli Chamber Orchestra.

Bar-Tal, married with three children and grandmother of five is the Director of the School for Lay Leadership (a partnership with JDC and various other Israeli organizations), and holds a Master's degree in Public Administration from Clark University.

Lecture Topics:

 Women in Israel – The lecture presents the status of women in Israeli society in various fields. It presents demographic data in a comparative perspective, including life expectancy, marriages and divorces, miscellaneous data about new-immigrants, single parents and more.

 The Myth of Equality – Israel's alleged success in achieving gender equality is so remarkable that it deserves further discussion. The lecture explores the social climate in Israel, examining the truth versus the myths.

 Women in Israeli Economy and Employment – The lecture reviews women in relation to the labor market, as well as female entrepreneurship, appropriate representation in the public and business sectors, and the gap in wages between women and men.

 Female Representation in Politics and Positions of Influence – This lecture provides an overview of  the status of Israeli women in politics and the changes that have occurred in the representation of women in the army, police, judicial system, and the health system..

 Equal Representation – Women constitute a minute percentage on boards of directors, and in general – constitute a small percentage in management jobs. The lecture concentrates on the development that occurred in the appropriate representation for the women. The lecture includes a review of the legislative developments in the field .

 Violence Against Women – This lecture reviews women’s condition as victims of violence, and a brief review of the sexual harassment phenomenon in schools in Israel. Violence against women is a reflection of the social climate in Israel and the situation of women in society.

 Work-Life Balance – Women’s work outside the home is an important step in establishing self-confidence and economic confidence. It is a significant milestone on the road to empowerment and independence. Mothers face many obstacles in their struggle to integrate into the work force and advance their careers.

 Personal and Feminine Identity in a Gender Perspective – Comprehension of building gender identities: examination of various influential sources, which lead to the development of masculine and feminine gender identities, through emphasizing images and overt messages in the media, regarding the ideal woman.

 Women and Education – This lecture deals with the state of women withn the Israeli education system. From early age education through to secondary school and higher education. 

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Images by: Fritz Cohen, Moshe Milner, Nati Harnik, Chanania Herman