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Opher Brayer

Opher Brayer researchs, refines and applies unique methodologies that have demonstrated that people can develop multi-disciplinary talent; contrary to the popularly-held notion that talent is “natural”. Recognizing his unique contribution to business coaching, Mr. Brayer was chosen in 2003 by Mission Publishing, a business publishing house, as one of the world's greatest mentors.

Mr. Brayer was a pupil of Michael Hewitt-Gleeson (Jack Welch's mentor) and of renowned marketing guru Jay Abraham. He had further training in systemic business thinking at MIT, and was trained in Neuro Linquistic Programming (“NLP”) by its creator, Richard Bandler. He has taught alongside Professor Ben Gilad, pioneer of competitive intelligence theory and founder of the Academy of Competitive Intelligence. He also developed several unique methodologies and processes for developing talent and potential found in both the individual and the group. Brayer’s latest methodology, Managing the Gray Areas, enables control of individuals’ complex 'personal operating systems', and was first published in his book  Create The Business Breakthrough You Want.

The Brayer System enables precise analysis and re-engineering of the strategic management fabric of individual organizations, divisions, departments or ad-hoc teams, as well as the capability of integrating the appropriate strategy and methodology with the most effective and appropriate method of implementation for any given situation. The system enhances the managerial ability of individuals and organizations, thereby improving effectiveness both on an individual level and as part of a broader managerial structure.

Mr. Brayer currently assists some of Israel’s leading CEOs and industrialists with dedicated management strategies, by identifying their hidden assets and applying these unique characteristics to help drive their businesses to new levels.

Lecture Topics

 Talent development - Talent is something we are born with and continue to develop for the most part, unconsciously. The numerous small experiences we have throughout our lives contribute to this. Using  Mr. Brayer's methodolgy, we soon come to realize that the same principles that apply to playing chess would also apply to composing piano music, exercising marital arts, and successfully maneuvering in aerial combat with an F-18 fighter jet.
 Talent personal branding.

 Networking tools for talent.

 Career development.

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Images by: Fritz Cohen, Moshe Milner, Nati Harnik, Chanania Herman