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Nathan GuttmanNathan Guttman

Nathan Guttman has been covering the Middle East Peace Process and U.S.-Israel relations for the past two decades. As a diplomatic correspondent based in Jerusalem and as a Washington-based reporter, he has followed closely the endless attempts to bring peace to the region by covering the Madrid peace conference, the signing of the Oslo accord, the Annapolis conference and up to the latest American-led drive for peace.

Mr Guttman currently heads the Washington bureau of the Forward – America’s Jewish paper of record and also reports from Washington for Israel’s Channel 1 TV. In the past he served as a reporter and editor for Israel’s leading papers, including Haaretz and the Jerusalem Post.
Mr. Guttman has written extensively about the formation of the U.S. Middle East policy and the latest peace efforts and has published numerous articles portraying the key players in the U.S. – Israel – Arab peace process. 

He is a frequent guest in public and academic discussions on the Middle East and Israel. He has spoken on Capitol Hill, in academic research centers and appeared, as a Middle East expert, on “News Hour” with Jim Lehrer, on CNN International, Fox News, Al-Jazeera TV, National Public Radio and on TV stations in Europe and the Middle East.
Mr. Guttman holds a bachelor’s degree in Philosophy from the Hebrew University in Jerusalem. He has also studied at the Harman institute of Advanced Contemporary Judaism Studies at the Hebrew University, focusing on U.S. Jewry.

Lecture Topics

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 The pro-Israel lobby in America: Myths and Facts

 Confronting Iran: What America Can Do;  What Israel Wants to See.

 The 2 percent: How a tiny Jewish community became a powerful force in U.S. politics.
 Bridging the Gap: Can American Jewry connect to Israel; Does Israel even care.

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