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Natasha MozgovayaNatasha Mozgovaya

Natasha Mozgovaya is a chief US correspondent for “Haaretz”, the Israeli national daily newspaper.
Born in the Soviet Union, she made aliya in 1990, started her career in the Russian press while she was still a teenager, and quickly advanced to editorial positions.

In 2000, Mozgovaya became a correspondent for Yediot Ahronoth newspaper, covering a broad spectrum of issues in Israel and all over the world, including immigration and human trafficking; Disengagement from Gaza and the Second Lebanese War; hostage crises in the Former Soviet Union and North Caucasus conflicts; the Orange Revolution in Ukraine; in-depth reports dedicated to the Russian Mafia and “Oligarchs”; features from Chernobyl and Africa, from the post-election riots in Kenya to the AIDS situation in Malawi; Lost Tribes stories from North-Eastern India and the PKK in Kurdistan, and conducted numerous interviews with political leaders from all over the world.

In addition, Mozgovaya anchored several television programs at the Israeli TV.

In 2008, she became the Washington Bureau Chief for Ha'aretz newspaper in Washington, D.C.

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