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Mirik Snir

Mirik Snir is a writer, poet and lecturer who  was born in 1948 and raised on a Kibbutz. Today she is the  mother of nine children and grandmother to thirteen,  the recipient of the Prime Minister Prize, the Zeev Prize, and the Israeli Museum Prize.

Snir's philosophy of "natural reading" has led to the publishication of more than 90 books all of which are still in print. Many of her books have been translated into English including The Day You Were Born  which is now available in the US.

Mrs. Snir devotes much of her time to recounting Biblical stories to children and strengthening their connections to their heritage.. She has also translated the nearly forgotten stories and poems of Kadia Molodovsky from their original Yiddish.

Lecture Topics

 Jewish Ecology - Protecting the Nature of the Human Child; Voicing Children's Issues to Parents,Teachers and Educators
 How to Bring Our Children and Families Back to the BOOK of BOOKS -  a New Concept and Approach 
 Developing in Childhood- the Human Abilities that a Computer Can Never Replace .
 A Little Girl Asked " If All Babies Are Born Good, How Come There Are Bad People??"
 The Heart and Body of the Jewish Community Are Created in CHILDHOOD of Its Members.
 Early Childhood Is the OnlyTtime Children and Afults Read the Same Books.
 Natural Reading - If We Know How NOT to Fail Them, Our Children Can Learn to Read by Themselves- Just as They Learned to Talk

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