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Michal Shalev

Michal Shalev was born in the United States and raised in Israel. After receiving her law degree from Tel Aviv University she worked for several years as a lawyer.

Her first book Soaring Angels was published in 1996 and was a bestseller. Her 1997 novel, Rachel's Vow, was greeted with great enthusiasm by the public, reaching number one on the bestseller lists and remaining there for many months, selling over 120,000 copies.

Her next book, 100 Winters, published in 2001, was equally successful. In 2005 she published her epic novel, Rahamim, and in 2008 Good Things Can Happen. Michal Shalev is one of the most beloved and popular Israeli authors. Her books blend history and romance, family and tradition, tragedy and triumph. Her writing is vivid and compelling. She keeps in close touch with her many loyal readers and participates in a range of literary meetings and activities throughout Israel. In 2008-2009 she published a series of children's books "Booloo Gooloo Doesn't Want to Take a Bath/to Sleep/to Wash His Hair.

Lecture Topics:

 The World of the Author.


 Yesterday's World, Today's World.

 Larger Than Life Grandparents.

 Reality and Imagination in the Creative Process.

 Love and Romance - Then and Now.

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