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Michael (Mike) Eldar

Mike Eldar was born in Haifa in 1946. Captain Eldar served in the Israeli navy for 20 years. He has a BA in General History and an MA in Political Science and is also a graduate of the National Defense College.

During his naval career Eldar commanded the amphibious flotilla which received a citation following its outstanding performance during the 1982 Lebanon War.

A prolific author, Eldar has published 13 books, ranging from children's books to military history. Two of his books were banned by Israeli authorities. Despite being accused of espionage, Eldar released the banned books, and subsequently initiated an amendment to a Knesset law, which improved freedom of expression in Israel.

Mike Eldar writes poetry on current affairs and the love of Israel. Eldar is a fluent speaker who has spoken at hundreds of events all over the world. He has addressed Jewish groups, universities, schools and the like. 

Eldar is a member of several volunteer organizations. He has also headed a film translating company, a center political party and was a candidate for the 12th Knesset.

Lecture Topics

 A Spy – freedom of speech in Israel.

 A Navy Captain – from children's books (Dolphiners),  to military history such as Flotilla 13, the Israeli Navy Commando Unit, a best seller.

 Will Israel Ever Enjoy  Long Lasting Peace? Now that I know you, I'm glad we missed... said General Hajj Ismail to Eldar.

 Israeli Naval History (based on Eldar's 5 naval history books).

 The 6/6/1982 (D Day) Amphibious Assault in Lebanon.

 The Story of the Missing Submarine Dakar.
 Fundraising speeches.

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Images by: Fritz Cohen, Moshe Milner, Nati Harnik, Chanania Herman