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Lizzie Doron

Lizzie Doron was born in Israel in 1953 and raised in Tel Aviv. She is the only child of parents who survived the Holocaust. She is married, has two children, lives in Tel Aviv today and spends most of her working hours writing. Prior to the publication of her first book, Ms. Doron’s main focus of activity centered on the academic world at the University of Tel Aviv in the field of Cognitive Sciences and Theoretical Linguistics. Her Master’s work dealt with the narrative capacity of schizophrenic patients. In l998, when her first book was published, she left her academic studies, shortly after the start of her doctoral work on the syntactic and linguistic characteristics of political speeches. From that point on, she has devoted most of her time to writing.

Four of her books have been published to date. Currently, Ms. Doron is assisting a screenwriter and director who are working on the production of a full-length film based on her books.
Lizzie Doron has been active for many years in groups that bring together Palestinians and Israelis for the advancement of peace and in non-religious groups for the promotion of democracy and equality in Israel.

Her  books  were translated into German language and were published in Zuhrkmap Verlag. Lizzie is very active in German literature discourse and she takes a major part in the Jewish German second generation dialogue.
Her books were translated into few other languages- French, Russian, Italian and other. Right now there are two theater adaptations based on her books. One is in an Israeli theater and the second adaptation take place in Germany.
 Lizzie received two literature prizes: the Bouchman prize in Israel and the Jeanette Schocken prize in Germany.

 Her fifth book is scheduled to publish on September 2009 in the Hebrew language.

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