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Israel Aharoni

Israel Aharoni, 55, is a chef, journalist, cookbook author and television show developer and host.

Chef Aharoni studied cooking in Taiwan and apprenticed at some of the finest restaurants in France.  Over the years he has owned and operated several restaurants in Israel, including the French Restaurant "Golden Apple" which received a prestigious 17 points in the Gault-Millot guide. He was also the Guide's chef of the year for Israel in 1998. Today, he is the owner of two Chinese restaurants in the Tel Aviv area.

For the last sixteen years, Mr. Aharoni has had a weekly culinary column in Israel's leading newspaper "Yedioth Aharonot". He has traveled extensively throughout the world covering different cuisines and food trends.  He has authored nineteen cookbooks to date, all of them bestsellers in Israel.  Additionally, he is the author of "Eating Alfresco: The Best Street Food in the World", a documentary book published by the prestigious Abraham's Publishing in the United States.  He is currently working on his 20th book on the Foods of the Silk Route, his latest specialty.

Mr. Aharoni has hosted a number of television shows in Israel over the last several years. He developed and hosted a 32 episode series on the foods of Israel's different ethnic groups.  The show was recently purchased by the Italian Television Authority.  A follow up series currently being televised was filmed in different countries world wide and focuses on their national cuisines. He also hosted three seasons of a cooking show called "Private Lesson" and currently hosts the second season of "Aharoni Cooks for Friends".

Chef Aharoni has participated in the preparation of gala meals all over the world with the world's leading chefs (Daniel Boulud, Jean-Louis Palladin, Eric Ripper, Gray Kunz, Jacques Lameloise and more).

Recently, a hobby of his has turned into an additional profession.  After receiving a DJ course as a gift for his 53rd birthday, he currently DJs regularly at two of Tel Aviv's leading bars and is often the guest DJ at Israel's leading nightclub, the Oman 17.


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Images by: Fritz Cohen, Moshe Milner, Nati Harnik, Chanania Herman