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Eden Grinbaum

Eden Grinbaum, Second Editor in Chief of the daily financial newspaper Calcalist. He is a leading commentator on financial and economical matters with vast experience in diverse media channels such as TV, radio, print and on-line news websites. As part of his work, he deals with influential Israeli policy makers on a daily basis. 

Mr. Grinbaum holds a Bachelors degree in Business Administration, and a Masters degree cum laude in Political Science, majoring in Political Media, from Tel-Aviv University.

Lecture Topics:

 Opportunities within the Current Israeli economy – a brief summary of the financial and economical reality in Israel today, including government policies and major areas attractive for investments.

 The Jewish genius and the Israeli Falafel – How Israel became a leader in the global High-Tech arena. Which are the next Israeli companies who will succeed globally, and how does the State of Israel  help them get there?

 The Israeli Perspective on the Current Global Financial Crisis – How does the global crisis affect Israel and its economic and financial situation? How does Israel react to this new situation compared to other countries? What steps did The Bank of Israel and the Israeli government  take?


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