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Hana Goldberg

Hana Goldberg is a highly acclaimed novelist, poet, and one of the leading lyricists in Israel today.

She has written the lyrics of more than 400 published Israeli songs and has been responsible for the lyrics of numerous Israeli mega hits. Her work is fresh, exciting and original. Many of her poems and lyrics have become classics of Israeli music (Antarktika, Amsterdam, Neechaz Beavir, Lo Roze Lezambia, Esh Al Hapanim, A Man in the Bathroom…)
Her novels, Not One Word About Love (2000), When Life Begins (2002) and Slander (2008), received outstanding reviews, and immediately became bestsellers.
Her children’s book, Pink Tears, was voted Best Children’s Book in Parents and Children Magazine. Her popular children’s book Kishta, has been translated into Arabic, and is a favorite among Arabic speaking children in the region.

In 2005 a comprehensive collection of her lyrics and poetry, No Horses Speak Hebrew, was published. From 2002-2006 Hana Goldberg served as the Chairman of ACUM, the Israel copyright society, and in recent years she has become a frequent guest in many Israeli television and radio shows.

Hana Goldberg was born in 1954, served in the Israel Defense Force as an army correspondent, and studied Philosophy and English Language and Literature at Haifa University. She is married and the mother of two: Tom, 22, and Maya, 19.  Since the age of 14 she has written and published three books of poetry, ten children’s books, three novels and hundreds of songs. From time to time, Hana holds intimate gatherings  with her fans, to share and discuss her works.

Lecture Topics:

 No Horses Speak Hebrew - The acclaimed lyricist, novelist and poet, Hana Goldberg discusses the link between real life and writing. Goldberg shares with the audience the stories of odd and accidental events in her life, and describes how each one affected her writing carrier.

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