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Giora Eiland

Major General (ret)  Giora Eiland is the former Head of The Israeli National Security Council.
From January 2004 until June 2006 he led the NSC in preparing policy analyses and recommendations for the Prime Minister on central security and foreign affairs issues, including, Israeli-Palestinian relations, Iranian nuclearization and the strategic dialogue with the U.S. In this position Mr. Eiland directed the activities of the Counter Terror Department of the State of Israel.

From 1970 until 2003 Mr. Eiland served in the I.D.F in several  positions; as platoon leader during "Yom Kipur War" (1973), as battalion commander during the first Lebanon War (1982) ,as commander of the Givati Brigade and of the I..D.F's Officers Academy.(1990-1993) and finally as the Head of the Planning branch (2001-2003), a position in which he was in charge of overall planning, Including organization, budgeting, and procurement.

Since June 2006 Mr. Eiland has worked as a civilian businessman. He is a chairman of a defense company SDS.

Mr. Eiland has a BA in economics and a MA in business management, both from Bar Ilan University in Israel.


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 The Strategic Issues on Israel 's Agenda : the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict, the Iranian Nuclear Threat, Possible Peace with Syria ,  and others

 Military Issues (including those not directly involving Israel)

 United States Policy: in general, and iparticularly n the Middle East.

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