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Gadi Taub

Born in Jerusalem in 1965, Taub completed his Ph.D. in American History at Rutgers University.

Mr. Taub has worked extensively in the Israeli print and electronic media, as a reporter, presenter scriptwriter and op-ed columnist.

His books in Hebrew include several works of fiction, as well as a best selling collection of essays  entitled A Dispirited Rebellion: Essays on Contemporary Israeli Culture and more recently The Settlers and The Struggle Over the Meaning of Zionism (English edition forthcoming from Yale University Press)

Mr. Taub teaches in the Department of Communication and the School for Public Policy at the Hebrew University in Jerusalem. He is a contributor to The New Republic as well as other newspapers and magazines in Europe and the United States. He appears regularly on the political TV show Council of the Wise, (Israel’s version of Washington Week in review.)

Lecture Topics:

 Current Israeli Politics: Update and Overview.

 Zionism: From Herzl to our Time. 

 No Contradiction : Jewish and Democratic.

 The Question of Settlements and the Struggle Over the Meaning of Zionism.

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