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Gad Lior

Gad Lior is one of the senior journalists in Israel. Mr. Lior serves as bureau chief  of the Yedioth Ahronoth newspaper in Jerusalem. He is also the newspaper's leading economic correspondent. He has won several prizes for his journalistic work.
Gad Lior served as the political correspondent, and was also the newspaper's correspondent in Europe, and was located in Bonn, then the capital of Germany.

Mr. Lior is a lecturer at universities, the host of radio and television programs dealing with current affairs, politics, journalism and economics. Mr. Lior is the moderator of many events in Israel and around the world, speaking Hebrew, German and English.

Gad Lior speaks German fluently, and lectures in in German in Israel, Germany, Switzerland and Austria. He participates in conferences and in radio and television programs in German around the world.

Gad Lior (56) was born in Jerusalem and lives in the city.

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Images by: Fritz Cohen, Moshe Milner, Nati Harnik, Chanania Herman