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Eran Katz

Eran Katz – International speaker, entertainer and author, a Guiness record holder in memory stunts and the founder of Mega Mind Training and Smart Memory, Ltd.

Katz is the author of the international award winning best sellers Secrets of a Super Memory and Jerome Becomes a Genius. His new book Where did Noah Park the Ark? – Jewish Techniques to boost Your Memory Power will be puplished in the US during 2010.

Katz is a popular guest on TV and radio shows and has delivered 1800 lectures and seminars to more then 400,000 participants in hundreds of leading multinational companies and organizations.

Among them are Motorola, HP, IBM, Oracle, Microsoft, General Electric, Coca-Cola, AT&T, Texas Instruments, Avis, European Petrochemical Association, UN Brain Education Conference, Singapore Government, Thai Chamber of Commerce, Japan Open-sense workshops, The Korean Brain Institute and many more. 

 Katz is a board member of IBREA – The International Brain Education Association.

Lecture Topics:

 Where Did Noah Park the Ark? Jewish Techniques to Boost Your memory Power.

 The Super Student Success Seminar.

 Jewish Brain Boosters – maximize your brain power.

 Einstein on the Everest – The intelligence of success.

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