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Ephraim Lapid

Ephraim Lapid is one of Israel´s leading authorities on public and military affairs, Middle Eastern current affairs and Jewish life.  He has had a rich career in military and public service, public affairs, management and education.

General Lapid served as a senior intelligence officer in the Israel Defense Force,  IDF Spokesperson, an instructor at the National Defense College and Head of Galei Zahal (Israel Army Radio),

After retiring from the Israeli military he served as a senior official in the Jewish Agency, where he was responsible for the Agency’s public affairs.

He was also Director General of the Media Information Center and the Director General of Ulpan Akiva, a unique international study center for Hebrew and Arabic language and culture.
He is a lecturer in Communications at Bar-Ilan University and in National Defense at Ariel College.
Ephraim Lapid holds a BA in Middle Eastern Studies and Arabic from the Hebrew University, an MA in Political Science and a teaching certificate.

Lecture Topics:

 Terror as a new type of World War.
 The Military and Society in Israel.

 The Israeli Case: Immigration and Integration in Modern Society.

 Israel’s Secret Services: contra terror, pro peace.

 Israel and U.S: Irreversible alliance.

 Israel and the Jewish World – a love story?

 Israel a Jewish-Democratic State – how it began & where are we going?

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