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Dr. Meron Benvenisti

Meron Benvenisti served as deputy mayor of Jerusalem under Teddy Kollek from 1971 to 1978, during which time he was responsible for East Jerusalem and served as Jerusalem's Chief Planning Officer.

He is a medieval scholar and has published books and maps on the Crusader period in the Holy Land. In 1984 he founded the West Bank Database Project, documenting social, economic, and political developments in the West Bank.

Since 1992 Benvenisti has devoted his time to teaching, research and writing on Jerusalem, the Northern Ireland conflict, Israeli- Palestinian relations, Palestine's vanished landscape, bi-nationalism and restaurant reviews. He was Visiting Scholar at Ben Gurion University and at Johns Hopkins SAIS. He was also a fellow at The Wilson Center in Washington DC, a Visiting Fellow at Harvard's CFIA and a recipient of research grants from the Rockefeller Foundation, the Ford Foundation and the US institute of Peace.

He holds a doctorate from Harvard's Kennedy School and has been writing  columns for Haaretz newspaper since 1991.

Lecture Topics:

 Divided Cities.

 Israeli- Palestinian Relations.

 Bi-nationalism and the Future of Palestine.

 Natives and Settlers in the Holy Land.

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