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Dr. Uri Milstein

Dr. Uri Milstein researches the principles of military philosophy and war as a means of understanding the behavior of individuals and their civilization. As a writer and historian, he is neither timid nor deterred by controversy. His provocative studies and books about the Israeli War of Independence, the Yom Kippur War and the Israeli Paratroopers have earned much praise and condemnation both in Israel and abroad.

Today he is dedicated to new paradigms of security for Israel. Dr. Milstein is no arm chair academic in such matters. He was the official historian of the IDF Paratrooper Force during his own service, from the age of nineteen until shortly after the Yom Kippur War in 1974.

Rachel the Poetess, often referred to as The National Poetess of Israel, was his mother's aunt and one of her most famous poem's was written about him. Dr. Milstein has published a comprehensive biography on Rachel the Poetess.

He is currently a lecturer at the Ariel University.

Lecture Topics

 Historical analysis of Jewish holidays, festivals and memorial days:
Chanukah - The Battle of Emmaus – A model of a genius strategy.
Purim – Ahasuerus decrees –Jewish persecutions throughout the ages.
Holocaust memorial day – German military professionalism as a condition for Holocaust’s execution.
Memorial day and Independence Day - How did we defeat the entire Arab world in 1948?
Jerusalem Day-  The war for Jerusalem throughout the generations.
Passover - Moses’ war for national liberation.
Shavuot. The festival of weeks – War in the bible since Abraham’s pursue of the northern kings till the destruction of the Temple.

 Decision making and learning from mistakes.

 Lectures about current political and defense affairs.

 War in the bible and in Judaism.

 Abraham our father – the father of theoretical thought.

 How to improve IDF’s function in enemy deterrence or defeat.

 The massacre that did not happen in Dir Yasin and massacres that did happen: The Hadassah Medical convoy, Kfar Etzion, Ein Al-Zeitun, Lod, Shaked Reconnaissance Unit, The Suez Canal Strongholds.

 Decision making under stress.

 Optimal policy making.

 Terror and anti terror: From Unit 101 in 1953, till the current war against the Hezbollah, Hamas and Jihad.

 Analysis of the Second Lebanese War: its courses, outcomes and lessons.

 Analysis of Operation “Cast Lead”: its courses, outcomes and lessons.

 The Third World War: Islam against The Western Civilization.

 The Iranian nuclear threat on Israel.

 Israel’s Defense theory.

 Military myths and the shattering thereof.

 The Survival Principle – foundation stones of human behavior.

 The War of Independence –background, courses and outcomes.

 The Six Days’ War – background, courses and outcomes.

 The Yom Kippur War – background, courses and outcomes.

 The First Lebanese War – background, courses and outcomes.

 The second Lebanese War –background, courses and outcomes.

 Rachel the poetess, the secret of her charm.

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Images by: Fritz Cohen, Moshe Milner, Nati Harnik, Chanania Herman