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Dr. Reuven Pedatzur

Dr. Reuven Pedatzur is a senior military affairs analyst with Ha'aretz newspaper and Senior Lecturer in Political Science at Tel Aviv University.  He was previously an IAF fighter pilot; a commercial pilot (Arkia Airlines); Academic Director of the Daniel Abraham Center for Strategic Dialogue at Netanya Academic College; and  Visiting Scholar (1993-1994) at the Center for Strategic Studies at MIT. He is one of Israel’s leading commentators on missile defense, nuclear and other non-conventional weapons, the IDF’s strategic doctrine and the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. 

Author of Rearming Israel: Defense Procurement Through the 1990’s (1991, with Aharon Klieman); The Arrow Project and Active Defense: Challenges and Questions (1993); Evolving Ballistic Missile Capabilities and Theatre Missile Defense: The Israeli Predicament (1994); Conventional Arms Transfer in the Middle East (1998); Ballistic Missiles in the Middle East: The Next Challenges (2001); The Israeli ‘Security Culture’: Its Origins, and Its Influence on the Israeli Society (2003); Israel: Coping with a Proliferated Region (2005); The Iranian Nuclear Threat and the Israeli Options (2007); The Rescue of King Hussein's Regime (2008).

Regular analyst for Israeli TV;  radio show host on security and strategic issues.

Lecture Topics

 The Iranian nuclear threat.

 Israeli missile defense.

 Israeli nuclear policy.

 The IDF’s strategic doctrine.

 The Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

 The media in Israel.

 Israel's wars. 

 Militarism and democracy in Israel.

 The Israeli political system.

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