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Dr. Boaz Shapira

Dr. Boaz Shapira is a political reporter for Israeli Channel 1 TV and also a lecturer in Political Science at the Herzliya Interdisciplinary Center.

Dr. Shapira received his PhD from Tel-Aviv Unversity and lectures in English to Israeli and foreign students on Israeli politics, past and present. He also lectures on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, comparing it to some fifty similar conflicts in the world.  

Mr. Shapira has published a book on governmental coalitions in Israeli politics. He has been a reporter for the Israeli Channel 1 TV for the plast 15 years.  Mr. Shapira is well-known for his in-depth analysis of Israeli politics.

Lecture Topics:

 Right and Left in Israeli Politics: Past, Present and Future.

 How can we reach a solution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict?

 It is all the same: The Israeli Palestinian conflict in comparison to some 50 other conflicts around the world.

 The Politicians of Israel: From Ben-Gurion to Ehud Barak, from Jabotinsky to Netanyahu.

 How the Israeli political system really works: observations of a professor of political science and a TV reporter.

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Images by: Fritz Cohen, Moshe Milner, Nati Harnik, Chanania Herman