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Avi Issacharoff

Avi Issacharoff is the Middle East Affairs Correspondent for Haaretz Newspaper, the Hebrew parallel to the International Herald Tribune, and an analyst for leading radio and television shows in Israel.

During the six years that Issacharoff  spent as Middle Eastern issues correspondent, and Palestinian issues correspondent for Israeli Public Radio, he covered the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, the war in Iraq and political events in Arab countries.  in that  position he won the “Israel Public Radio Best Reporter” award for the years 2001-2002.

Issacharoff  co-authored “The Seventh War”, published in Israel, France and Spain, which reviews the second Intifada and which won a special award from the Jaffee Center for Strategic Studies in 2005. In 2008 he co-authored  the New York Times  best seller "34 Days"analyzing the second war in Lebanon.

Avi is currently completing his MA in Middle Eastern Studies at TelAviv University.

Lecture Topics:

 West Bank, Hamastan vs. Fatahland and what's in between.

 The Palestinian Uprising - Intifada.

 34 Days- Second Israeli War in Lebanon.

 Hizballah and Iran.

 Egypt, Jordan and the Palestinian Dream.

 The Israeli- Palesinian Conflict- 100 Years of War.

 The Axis of Evil- Iran, Hizballah, Hamas and Syria.

 The new Middle East - Shiia against Sunna, Pragmatism vs. Fundamentalism
Israel and the Threat of Fundamentalist Islam.


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