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Amos Levitov

In October 1967, Amos Levitov volunteered to join a pilot's course in the Israeli Air Force. On completion of the course, in March 1970, he served as a navigator in one of the two F4 Phantom squadrons of the IAF, based in northern Israel.
On July 5th 1970, his plane was shot down in the course of an operational mission, over Egyptian territory. He was subsequently held in captivity for three and a half years. 
In 1973, after the Yom Kipur War, Levitov was released and returned home to fly once again in the IAF.
During his military service Levitov was sent by the army to study Economics and International Relations at the Hebrew University in Jerusalem.
In August 1983, he was discharged from the permanent force as a Major but continued to fly in the reserves. 
As a civilian, he has used his management skills to perform various functions which include: Establishing Macalbi – a health care fund for dogs, running a squash center in Herzlia, and establishing and running a chain of cafés. 
Since 1999 Levitov has lectured about his experiences as an ex-POW. His book The Lie of Silence, which deals with his captivity and the lessons drawn from that period, including ways to cope with stress, will be published in the near future.

Lecture Topics

 Survival under Extreme Pressure – POW Lessons
As a combat pilot in the IDF, his plane was shot down and he was held captive in an Egyptian jail for three and half years. Following his release, he reenlisted in the Israeli Air force and continued to take part in combat flights.
Since then he has acquired much experience in lecturing to organizations of all sorts, including schools and other education related institutions.

 Survival under Extreme Pressure -The Israeli situation constantly produces challenges, pressures and what seem to be impossible circumstances. Levitov's experience as a POW has led him to understand that proper mental preparation is the key to overcoming even the most extreme pressures.   

 Operational Flight – A desire for excellency, meeting the standards.

 In Enemy Captivity – Personal story including interrogations, solitary confinement, faith, norms of behavioral conduct, dynamics of a closed group.

 Time Dimension in Captivity – Communication with the outside world, production and time utilization, choice: to fall down or to grow up.

 Back to the Race of Life – Emotional and sensual saturation, facing up psychological deprivations, adaptation.

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Images by: Fritz Cohen, Moshe Milner, Nati Harnik, Chanania Herman