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Amir Oren

Amir Oren writes about national defense, foreign policy and government for the Haaretz newspaper. In addition to his  regular columns, op-ed pieces and news items, he is a member of the paper's policy-setting editorial board.

Oren has covered Israel's wars and diplomatic processes since the late 1960's focusing on the American-Israeli defense relationship and NATO.  He was based in Washington D.C. for three years during the mid 1980's as a U.S. correspondent and bureau chief. Earlier, in the mid-70's, he served as a congressional liaison with Israel's Washington embassy.

A frequent commentator on Israeli TV and radio, Mr. Oren served as the CBS News consultant in Tel Aviv during the 2003 Iraqi Freedom campaign and recently during in the 2006 hostilities between Israel and Hezbolla in Lebanon. Over the years he has been a guest on other TV and radio stations, including NBC, BBC, VOA and Al-Jazeera. He has contributed  articles to The New Republic and The Economist. He is often invited to lecture at various academic institutes and military colleges and to participate in NATO and European Union seminars. The Standard History of the United States was translated by him into Hebrew, as were other books dealing with the U.S., especially from a a military angle.

Mr. Oren studied Government and International Relations at Tel Aviv University and the graduate school of George Washington University. In 1989 he wrote "Bright Star of David", a study of the U.S.-Israel strategic relationship, for the Washington Institute.

He wrote and co-directed"The Simhoni File", a documentary film on the 1956 Sinai-Suez campaign  which was  shown on Israel TV during the summer of 2006. 

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