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Amir Gutfreund

 Amir Gutfreund was born in Haifa in 1963.  He holds a MA in Applied Mathematics from the ITI (Israeli Technological Institute) and served in the Israeli Air Force for 20 years retiring as a Lt. Colonel.  He lives with his family in a small village in the Galilee.

 Literary Works

Our Holocaust (2000):  winner of the 2002 Buchman Prize from the Yad Vashem Institute and the 2007 Sami Rohr Prize; a novel based on Gutfreund's childhood memories, growing up as the son of two Holocaust survivors. The book has been translated into English, German and French. 

Seashore Mansions (2002): winner of the 2003 Sapir Prize (Israel's Booker Prize). This collection of short stories is in the process of being translated into English.

The World, a Moment Later (2005): a novel which has been translated into English.

When Heroes Fly (2009) a novel which is currently being translated into English.


Lecture Topics: 

 Based on his novel, Our Holocaust, Gutfreund  speaks about several issues related to the subject. He tells his personal story and deals with the relevancy of the Holocaust to any Israeli, to any Jew and to any human being, Gutfreund's lecture, like his novel, combines a sense of humor with a serious and respectful attitude toward the subject.

 In discussing his novel, The World, a Moment Later , Gutfreund talks about Zionism as a most unusual national movement and touches on the sometimes ridiculous, sometimes tragic, sometimes heroic process of establishing the State of Israel.

 Based on his new novel When Heroes Fly, Gutfreund speaks about the Israel of the past few decades and suggests a key to understanding Israeli behavior and mentality.

 King Solomon and the Queen of Sheba – what really happened there? An interpretation of the 'real story' as understood from the many hints concealed in the ancient text.

 Josef, Son of Jacob - the First Israeli:  a contemporary interpretation of the story of Josef and his brothers.  Josef is usually considered to be a sensitive young man who was treated cruelly and unfairly by nearly everybody.  Gutfreund has a different slant on Josef's character seeing him as an ambitious, cunning genius.

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