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Amir Cheshin

Amir S. Cheshin was born in Israel (6th generation) in 1944. After finishing his high school education in Jerusalem he served in the Israel Defense Forces from 1962 to 1982. During his military service he was a member of the Israeli-Egyptian Military Joint Commission for the implementation of the peace treaty in Sinai. He served as a staff officer in IDF General Headquarters in Tel-Aviv and the IDF spokesman in Jerusalem during the war in Lebanon (1982). He retired from active duty in 1984 as Lt. Colonel.

Cheshim received his BA degree from the Hebrew University in Jerusalem specializing in the History of the Middle East in Modern Times and Arabic – Language and Literature . He then spent one year in Dropsie University in Philadelphia, PA. attending accomplishment courses in the Middle East Studies Institute.

In the early '80's Cheshin was the Jewish Agency Emissary  to the Jewish Federation in Philadelphia, PA. Upon returning to Israel in 1984 he was appointed by Teddy Kollek, the Mayor of Jerusalem as his senior advisor on Arab Affairs, a position he held for nine years. He retained the position for an additional year under  Mayor Ehud Olmert.

Cheshin has written several articles on Israel policy in Jerusalem including: 1. Separate and Unequal – The Inside Story of Israeli Rule in East Jerusalem (Harvard University Press, 1999) 275 p.
2. Municipal Policies in Jerusalem – An Account from Within (Passia – Palestine Academy Society for the Study of International Affairs, Jerusalem, 1998) 146 p.

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 Everyday life in Jerusalem.

 The Jerusalem Envelope - the Security Fence Around Jerusalem and Its Outcome.

 Jews vs. Arabs - Demography, Co-existence, Side by Side and in Harmony??

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