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Amir Ben-David

Amir Ben-David is a writer, journalist and musician. He worked as an editor for all the major Israeli newspapers (Ha'aretz, Yediot & Ma'ariv) and was the editor of Timeout Tel Aviv for several years. His first Novel "Top of the world" was published by the respected publishing house "Am-Oved/Xargol".

He was co-writer for two Israeli feature films (Zohar & Vulcan Jjunction). He was a member of the successful Israeli rock band Avtipus and wrote many of the band hits. Amir published several short stories in respectable periodical such as Masmerim.

Amir holds an LL.B degree from the Tel-Aviv University faculty of law and is currently assuming the position of publisher deputy in Sigler Communications, responsible for editorial, business and strategic activities in the publishing house (issuing magazines like TimeOut Tel-Aviv, 360, travel guides and cultural publications).

Lecture Topics:

 Tel Aviv as the greatest Zionist achievement.

 Israel secular culture looking for new ways of expression.

 Growing up with the "Palmach" as family living heritage ("strike force" was the regular fighting force of the Haganah, the unofficial army of the Jewish community during the period of the British Mandate of Palestine). 

 What have we learnt from Theodore Herzl and what have we forgot.

 Israeli media – the known and unknown …

 Zohar Argov - an Israeli Icon who embodies the cultural conflict between Ashkenazi Jews and Sephardic Jews in Israel (including the film "Zohar").

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