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Akiva Eldar

Akiva Eldar is currently a political columnist and editorial writer for the prestigious Israeli national daily Ha'aretz. In May 2006 The Financial Times selected him among the most prominent and influential commentators in the world, "whose  comments inspire callers from across the political spectrum".

Mr. Eldar was previously (1993-1996) the Ha'aretz US Bureau Chief and Washington correspondent covering the Peace Process, US-Israel relations, American issues and Israel-Diaspora relations. He has also served as the diplomatic correspondent for Ha'aretz and as its municipal correspondent covering Jerusalem.  Before joining Ha'aretz  he was a reporter and an editor at the Israeli Public Radio (1974-1978) and served as spokesperson for former Mayor of Jerusalem, Teddy Kollek (1972-1974).

Mr. Eldar's book "The Ambush on Jerusalem", about US-Israel-Jewish community relations, was published (November 2002) by the Jerusalem Institute for Israel Studies,  His last book ( with Prof. Idith Zertal) ,"Lords of the Land", about the Jewish settlements in the West Bank was on the best sellers list in Israel in 2005 and was published in 2007 in English
(Nation Books) and German (DVA).  In 2007 he received the annual “Search for Common Ground” award for Middle East journalism. 

Mr. Eldar was a special consultant to Abba Eban's PBS television documentaries on the history of Israel and the Oslo Peace Initiative. He is regularly interviewed by major television and radio networks in the US, Canada, Australia, Europe and Israel. He has appeared many times on news programs such as Nightline, The Lehrer Show, Charlie Rose Show, CNN News and CBS Morning News, current affair programs in Israeli , as well as NPR talk shows.

He contributes to the op-ed pages of The New York Times, LA Times, The Philadelphia Inquirer, The International Herald Tribune and The New York Jewish Week. During his stay in the US Mr. Eldar lectured extensively for the Jewish community and on campuses throughout the US, Canada and Australia. He participated in various Israeli-Arab-European seminars.

Lectures Topics:

 U.S -Israel - Jewish Community:  the Unique Triangle

 Is Peace with the Arabs and a Jewish State Still Possible?

 The Strange Story of the Jewish Settlements.

 Israeli Politics - a Fragile Democracy at Work.

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