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Adiva Geffen

Born in Haifa, mother of three and grandmother of six; living today in the heart of Tel Aviv.
She is the published author of twelve books so far, including eight thrillers, most of them best sellers. She has also written three books dealing with family crises, based on personal stories and testimonies of those who have experienced divorce or broken relationships.

Her rich experience as an educator and her creative imagination have been the source of her inspiration and  her colorful heroes. She served as a principal for an educational institution for children and youth with learning disabilities, as well as a 10 year stint as spokeswomen of Habima National Theatre of Israel. . Her books are renowned for their wit, pace and humor.  The heroes of Geffen’s thrillers, always women, are not skilled detectives. Rather, they become involved in the plot because they happen to be present when a shocking event occurs - a murder, robbery or fraud. These individuals come to the rescue and solve the mystery.

Adiva Geffen published her first book, “Murder at First Reading”, in 1996. The book , which is set in the Beersheva Theater, was very successful and was enthusiastically received,. From this point on, she decided to focus on writing.

Among her books: Murder at First Reading, Chicago Bypass, Till Death Dances Between Us, The Day Love Died, Transparent Women, Love Second Time Round, Piccadilly South, Panama Jack, The World According to Mother, Tarzan, Jane and the Dishwasher, Diamond Dust, Last Stop Arad.

Her stories have been published in a number of anthologies, in Israel and abroad.

Lecture Topics:

 A book is born:  from concept to launch.  A writer’s tortuous journey through the maze of writing.

 Writer’s world, living with the characters, the writer’s relationship with the muse. Marketing and public relations for books.

 Crime pays: for thriller writers - Literature, writing and writing thrillers. (Murder at First Reading, Chicago Bypass, Panama Jack, Diamond Dust, Last Stop Arad) 

 The different genres of suspense novels: From Sherlock Holmes to Jane Eyre, from Poirot to Rebecca – an outline of literature’s greatest detectives and solvers of mysteries. The genre and its place in the multi-story building of literature.

 Secrets from the writer’s desk - From Death at First Reading to Last Stop Arad, Adiva Geffen on the series of thrillers she has penned. How does a thriller develop? From concept to resolution. What is special about this genre? The journey of a new manuscript from desk to bookstore.

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Images by: Fritz Cohen, Moshe Milner, Nati Harnik, Chanania Herman